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Ecobebe Inserts
Ecobebé® inserts are made of a microfiber core covered by velour cotton; when this insert is folded in 2 creates an absorption capacity of 5 layers. The Ecobebé® insert allows you to have the option of the fabric you put in contact with the delicate skin of your baby as one of the sides is cover with microfleece to give your little one a sensation of dryness, or for a more natural feel in contact with your baby’s skin, there is a super soft cotton velour. The cotton velour side is an excellent option for the minority of babies who are sensitive to microfleece. For breastfeeding babies, the microfleece side washes very well. The best news is that although the insert last over 3 hours, it dries quickly for how absorbent it is. We have been testing it indoors here in the UK and we are quite pleased to say it dries overnight. For night time or older babies, we suggest adding an Ecopipo® bamboo booster. The cover can be reused (only once) before washing it, but only if it is not odorous, soiled or wet or damp in the elastic. The cover washes and dries very quickly