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Lubella by Ecopipo Night Time/After Birth Sanitary Pad Blue Jeans

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Lubella by Ecopipo Night Time/After Birth Sanitary Pad Blue Jeans

This Lubella by Ecopipo Night time Incontinency Cloth Sanitary Pad Blue Jeans  has got an outer side that is made of very good quality  PUL (waterproof) to keep your cloth dry and accident free, while allowing your skin to breath,  making you feel fresh.

Inside the pad there are 3  layers of bamboo and microfibre making them very absorbent.

On direct contact with your skin the pads have a layer of microfleece (always dry fabric), which is extremely easy to wash apart of keeping you fresh and dry.

They have an anatomic shape that adapts to your body and they have wings and  poppers to keep them in place.

Ideal for heavy flows. If used for menstrual bleeding, post partum or for  incontinence they are odour free making you feel dry and confident that nobody will “notice” you are wearing a pad!

Our cloth pads can cost more up front than a pack of disposables, but they last for a very long time (we have here some that are nearly 7 years old and going strong month in and moth out)

Also imagine not having to spend another penny on disposable pads or tampons— for years!

In addition to saving you money over the long run, Lubella by Ecopipo cloth reusable pads are more comfortable and are better for the environment– and they come in cute prints, don’t you think?

Did you know that the average woman uses roughly 11,000 tampons in her lifetime. The time it takes for a tampon or pad to degrade in a landfill is centuries longer than the lifespan of the woman who used it, particularly when wrapped in a plastic wrapper or bag. In addition, the process of manufacturing these products – turning wood pulp into soft, cotton-like fibres – is both resource- and chemical-intensive. Read more about this here

What worries us is that disposable pad manufacturers aren’t required to list all of the chemicals in the pads. Some consumer watchdogs have done testing on them and said they show indications that they may contain dioxins, synthetic fibres and petrochemical additives. We know a lot these days about the hazardous nature of plastic chemicals, so many women are thinking twice about wearing these plastic products so close to their skin, and now you can also try these fantastic Lubella by Ecopipo cloth pads.

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