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Ecopipo Onesize Pocket Nappy Ballet Dancer print

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Ecopipo Onesize Pocket Nappy Ballet Dancer print

copipo One size Pocket Nappy Ballet Dancer print, nothing better for tippy toes and whirls! Ecopipo one size pocket nappy Ballet Dancer print fits snuggly on your baby's bum with our durable hook and loop (Velcro) system. Your Ecopipo® pocket nappy fits your baby from 7-8 lbs (3.6 kg) up to 35lbs+ (16 kg) and it has a double ultra-soft elastic gusset system to reduce leaks.

This pocket nappy has a super soft, durable and stretchy back elastic that keeps your baby’s stool in, without causing red marks on her delicate skin. Ecopipo® one size pocket nappies are made using ethically sourced, eco-friendly fabrics to provide maximum comfort for your baby and total peace of mind for you. Every nappy has, as standard, an insert made of one-third microfibers and two-thirds organic cotton/ bamboo for maximum absorbency. The waterproof outer layer of the nappy is made of good quality PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) which is the most common fabric used in cloth nappy covers, it ii formed of a soft outer fabric that is coated with a flexible and waterproof plastic material. The nappy's inside is lined with a super soft, easy to wash microfleece that keep your baby’s bottom dry and fresh while wearing her nappy.

By using Ecopipo®’s one size, pocket nappies you can save a fortune in disposables while reducing your household waste greatly. You can find more information about all your savings and waste reduction in our blog. For your extra peace of mind, all our Ecopipo® one size pocket nappies have our unique 2-year extended guarantee.

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